Hello and welcome, time to confess! we'll help you and we will try give the best/most effective advice we can. We try to come on here as often as possible. (: And feel free to ask any questions in the world! <3 xo /
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Anonymous was like: i find it hard to sleep at night ( 2 hrs a night) as the stage when your just about to fall asleep scares me cause i think and think about situations and i make it worse in my head and i'd do anything to avoid that cause i makes me phsically sick. i dont believe in second chances as i dont wanna get hurt constantly so my friendships have crumbled and left me with one friend and she suffers from depression and idk i feel alone and moving away for college i feel like it'll just be the same there

you should tire yourself out and keep yourself busy until you are actually tired so then you’ll fall asleep easily. try to see situations from a different perspective; try to think positively, not all is that bad. 
that’s good that you won’t let yourself get hurt, don’t put up with bullshit, try to be strong, you are a good person. it’s better to have true friends then fake friends. please don’t feel alone, you are not alone.
moving away to college will be a great experience for you. you’ll be able to meet lots of new people and make friends. you can keep busy and create positive memories so you don’t need to feel alone or think badly any more. everything will turn out great! don’t worry :)
- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: recently i have fallen in love with my best friend and i really want to know if he does too. It makes me really upset overthinking about him and i don't know why i even like him :'(

the best thing for you to do and so you get answers„ just speak to him about it and tell him your feelings. good luck, you’ll be fine :)
- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: hi, my best friend gets so many guys and im so jealous. i feel like im everyones second choice, even when one of my other best friends tried to set me up with a guy he said i was cute and then the next day he ended up with my best friend. and thats just one example there are many more. please help

there’s no need to be jealous. getting lots of guys just means more trouble and more problems. you shouldn’t be jealous, it’s not a big and important thing in life, there are better things to concentrate and be happier about. you are beautiful and amazing too; guys are just too scared to talk to you and give it ago because they’re scared you’re too good for them. don’t worry, it’s better to wait for someone special and worth it rather than having lots of other guys along the way. it has been drilled into society that we need someone to be happy - no, not at all. you can be happy on your own and you should just enjoy the other things in life, guys are not everything.
- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: Do you have any advice on how to tell someone you've liked for a while and that they means so much to you and that you are in love with them, without it being weird and screw up a really good friendship?? this would involve me coming out to them as well since they are a girl

there is no need for you to hide your sexuality; you should feel comfortable about it :) is she a lesbian too? just tell her how you feel and that you hope it won’t ruin the friendship - she may feel the same way about you. just go for it and see what happens. there’s no need to be scared because it could turn into something better than it was before. good luck! :)
- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: Hi! I kind of like this guy. We are getting along with each other really well.. But, he's in love with someone else. Of course it makes me sad, and I don't know what to do. Should I let him go, or should I give it some time, and see if he could like me back? x

just tell him how you feel and that he can’t have both of you. he needs to decide who he wants. you could back off a bit and see if he continues to try with you. give him some time to think and find out what he really wants. 
please don’t let this get you down. he obviously isn’t worth it and you can do better.
- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: Hi there. I have been friends with this guy for over a year and together we have been really dynamic as friends and so when he asked me out the obvious thing was to say yes, but it's only been a week and I feel awful because I don't like him as much as I thought I did, and if I break up with him the amazing friendship that we had might disappear and I don't want to loose that. I just don't want him to be my boyfriend.

it’s only early days then you’re able to break it off. as you are good friends then it’ll make it easier. just simply say that you’re scared that if the relationship ends then you’ll lose your friendship and you don’t want that to happen because he means a lot to you. i’ve had experience with this and we did go back to being best friends; that was a few years ago and we’re still as close now just like we were :) just tell him how you feel. maybe at first he may be a little weird with you, but continue to act like you used to and he’ll realise what’s important and it’ll be fine. just go for it and don’t worry :)
- Yasmin,x

Anonymous was like: So I've been talking to this boy for nearly 10 months now, i really like him and he likes me (he told me) we talk every day no matter what, recently he started talking about other girls a lot, but I'm getting really jealous but I'm just pretending that nothings wrong, do you think this means something? Or am over reacting? How do i hint that i do like him and would something more with him? Im really quite shy and not to open with my feelings. Any advice will be amazing thanks.

just ask him about what’s going on between you two. tell him that it makes you jealous because you thought that you both had mutual feelings. don’t act like nothing is wrong because if he doesn’t know you feel that way then he won’t stop doing it. you could just buck up the courage and tell him straight up that you like him and that he means a lot to you. you could say that your friendship is great so you believe that a relationship would be too. if you really don’t want to say it straight up then just drop hints and try to approach it in another way. good luck :)
-Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: I have a huge crush on a close friend, what should I do? :(

you could just tell him straight up so then you’ll find out up front. if you don’t want to do that then find out about how he feels about you or drop hints. it doesn’t need to be difficult, it’ll be okay :) good luck, don’t worry!
- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: Is there any other way i can send a message to you because it is really long, or should i send it in two parts?

send it in two parts :)

Anonymous was like: I told my crush I like him and he said that he liked me a lot last year and still kinda does but is really busy bc he gets study help on Sundays and Saturdays we have band tournaments and he has sectional forever on Friday and idk. I told one of our mutual friends and he said that he did actually like me but was busy. I googled it and all I found is it means he doesn't like you but the way he acts around me and he told me he does but now I always feel nervous and sad and IDEK what to do :(((

you don’t need to feel nervous or sad, it’ll all work out. he likes you so it’s a good sign. your mutual friend said he likes you so it must be true. maybe he just is busy and doesn’t want to let you down. you should continue to still talk to him. you could make a plan together and you could help him with being so busy.
-Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: Recently I've been going through these moods where I start to really hate myself and cry and want to cut. I've attempted a few times but always back out at the last minute. I'm known as being really happy and smiley and I don't want to tell anyone in case they think I'm attention seeking but I don't feel good enough. I'm not skinny enough or prettier enough or cleverer enough. I guess I just don't want to be here anymore, what do I do??

please be strong, you can get through this! you should tell someone because they’re your friends and they want to be there for you. they won’t think you are attention seeking, many people feel like this and you may find that one of your friends has experience with this and has been the same so they can help you.
you are perfect, please do not put yourself down.
try to think more positively. it’s up to you to create beauty in these ugly days. maybe you could start a diary and write down your thoughts so then you’re clearing your head. you should also make a list about all the positive and beautiful things in life. at the end of the day write about what made you happy during the day and what you smiled or laughed about. just try to keep occupied and busy, try to take your mind off everything.
things will get better. your life is worth living.
- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: How many people run this blog?

i think there are 3 of us, but just seems to be me at the moment.

- Yasmin, X

Anonymous was like: I told this guy that i liked him and he told me that i was beautiful but he is into other things and that.. Its not the moment. So i told him that we will never talk again. Now im literally dying of anxiety because i wanna talk to him.. What should i do?

just talk to him, don’t make things hard for yourself. just go with it and do what you want to :)

- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: Hi, I have fallen really hard for my best friend. He was dating someone but she just broke up with him. I really want to tell him how I feel because I don't know if he feels the same. I feel like he's the one. The only one for me ever, I can talk to him about anything and we always tease each other. Everyone thinks we're dating and we deny it and stuff but I just really don't want to ruin our friendship if he doesn't feel the same. Please, please help. ~m

well wait until he is fully over the girl, ask him about it. you could then drop hints about you and him. if you really can’t hold it in any longer and you could see a positive change between you two then just tell him how you feel, then you would know for real how he feels and you wouldn’t need to hide it any more.

- Yasmin, x

Anonymous was like: I've made out with this kid twice. He texts me everyday first but he's an awful texter, like he's soo slow at replying. Friday night he asked me to hang our Saturday but he never texted me Saturday. I just find it weird he'd text me everyday except the day we actually made plans. What do you think this means? (Keep in mind this kid is sorta a dumb ass and has never been with a girl before)

Maybe he was waiting for you to text him first for a change? he may have been waiting to see if you mention hanging out because he may not know if you actually want to or not.
Or maybe he was nervous when it got to saturday about hanging out.
You should just ask him and find out instead of trying to guess the reason (: at least you’ll know for sure then.
- Yasmin, x